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Let's Shoot!

So, I was thinking about getting this community back on track. I really liked where it was heading at first, but I think we just lost our way, and the community got abandoned. I'm on a few photography communities, and what I liked about this one is that it seems to be more geared towards critique than just showing your work. I know that's what a lot of you liked about the idea of this community, so that it gives us a chance to learn and develop.


How many of you would be interested in participating if we got this community going again?

I would think the format wouldn't change. It'll still be a monthly "challenge," so it's not too strenuous. I know we're all busy, but one photo a month shouldn't be too hard to keep up with. Of course, additional posts are always welcome.

Let me know what you all think. If it looks like some people are interested, I'll post the next "challenge" at the beginning of August, just to keep things in order.
Dexter Bananas

Memory Card Rebate

I just happened upon this while surfing around B&H's site and I felt the need to pass it on. Lexar has rebates out for their UDMA Compact Flash cards. The rebate for the 8GB card is $60. That means, you can basically get an 8GB UDMA CF card for $50.00 (after rebate). It's been a little while since I've bought a card, but this seemed like a great deal to me. There are rebates for the 4GB and 16GB cards too, but this one seemed like the best deal.

If anyone is interested, here's the link to the page on the B&H Photo site

July Challenge - Depth of Field

Okay, I have not done depth of field in many many years so I gave it a try this weekend in the 10000 degree heat. I would like to give this more tries in the future for I enjoyed trying something new.

The second image I thought was interesting. Not because guessing what the focused thing is, but there was this weird face in the image. We turned it around in every direction and there was the face staring. Spooky!

Camera: Canon Rebel XT EFS 18-55mm
Mohamed Aly tomb

July Challenge - Depth of Field

Hey folks.... deinemuse has been a little tied up, so I'm going to be a good co-maintainer and post this month's challenge.

July's challenge is Depth of Field.

It's pretty open-ended, and something I think we can have some fun with.

If anyone needs a little more of an explanation about what Depth of Field is, you can visit the glossary page on DP Review, here. If you want a really long-winded answer, there's also Wikipedia's page, here.

Please TAG posts with Challenge , depth of field

No photos more than 600 pixels in width.

Feel free to include the type of camera used, settings etc. - (Not mandatory, but it can help us all learn from and critique each other). Also, all camera types are welcome!

All entries are due by June 31st, 2008