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July Challenge - Depth of Field

Hey folks.... deinemuse has been a little tied up, so I'm going to be a good co-maintainer and post this month's challenge.

July's challenge is Depth of Field.

It's pretty open-ended, and something I think we can have some fun with.

If anyone needs a little more of an explanation about what Depth of Field is, you can visit the glossary page on DP Review, here. If you want a really long-winded answer, there's also Wikipedia's page, here.

Please TAG posts with Challenge , depth of field

No photos more than 600 pixels in width.

Feel free to include the type of camera used, settings etc. - (Not mandatory, but it can help us all learn from and critique each other). Also, all camera types are welcome!

All entries are due by June 31st, 2008
Tags: challenge 4, depth of field, july challenge

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