Ben (djdysfunction) wrote in photocompare,

Let's Shoot!

So, I was thinking about getting this community back on track. I really liked where it was heading at first, but I think we just lost our way, and the community got abandoned. I'm on a few photography communities, and what I liked about this one is that it seems to be more geared towards critique than just showing your work. I know that's what a lot of you liked about the idea of this community, so that it gives us a chance to learn and develop.


How many of you would be interested in participating if we got this community going again?

I would think the format wouldn't change. It'll still be a monthly "challenge," so it's not too strenuous. I know we're all busy, but one photo a month shouldn't be too hard to keep up with. Of course, additional posts are always welcome.

Let me know what you all think. If it looks like some people are interested, I'll post the next "challenge" at the beginning of August, just to keep things in order.

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