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Challenge 3 - opposites

June's challenge is opposites. You can post one or two pictures for this challenge.

Please TAG posts with Challenge 3, opposites

No photos more than 600 pixels in width.

Feel free to include the type of camera used, settings etc. (not mandatory, but would be interesting to know!) Also, all camera types are welcome!

All entries are due by June 30th 2008

Better late than never

                                                            (click the image for a larger version)

Title: Honeycomb
Nikon D300, Tamron 90mm 2.8 at f/4, 1/200s, ISO 200

This challenge really had me stumped for a long time, but not wanting to be a no-show, I decided to try something completely out of the ordinary for me. Most of my shots are intended to capture what something actually looks like, maybe isolating it from the background or the environment it's in, but never something completely abstract. I didn't want to do any old macro shot of a geometric pattern, but I had been thinking about something being geometric and out of focus.

This isn't actually honeycomb, obviously. It's a sample of some product we might be selling at work (used as a crack-suppressant under ceramic tile I believe) that has been sitting on my desk for a week or so. I held it up to the light, which causes the shadows to reverse as light shines through it, and I had my idea. I propped up the same on the window, stood back to get plenty of the pattern in the shot, and switched to manual focus so I could focus slightly in front of the sample. I uploaded a pretty large photo because I liked the way it looked more at the larger size.

Second Challenge~Geometric Shapes

I still can not figure out how to post my photo a little bigger, that way everyone will not have to click on it to see the full size. If someone could help me with that I would be extremely grateful!

Anyways, here is my photo for the month. I took a macro shot of a birthday gift bag. It had been sitting on the table for quite a while, but when I saw what this month's topic is, I decided that the design on the bag would work perfectly. I used a small border around this one, just so it would not blend into the background of this entry. Critiques are always welcomed!

Please click to see full size.

Oops! I for got the EXIF data!

Aperture Priority
F-stop: 3.5 (I think I should have gone higher :P )
Shutter Speed: 1/20 sec.
White balance: Daylight
Exposure: +1 1/3
Camel at Giza

Criticism Question

I wanted to check in with everyone on something...

On one of the other photographers communities that I'm on, they have kind of a system for letting people know what kind of criticism you want when you post up pictures. I mean, sometimes people post pictures just to share. Other times, we are using this community, and others like it, as a tool to help us grow and develop as photographers. I'm thinking that more often than not, most of us fall into the latter category, but I don't like to assume. And if you're like me, you don't want the sugar-coated criticism. You want to hear the real deal, the no-holds barred, "this is what's good about your photo, this is what's not, and this is what you could've done to improve it." If I learned anything from filmmaking classes in college, it's that the best criticism is usually the most honest.

So, what I'm thinking is that in the subject line of your post, maybe we should include whether or not you want your picture critiqued. This way, those of us viewing the pictures can differentiate between the, "I'm posting this because I thought it was cool and just wanted to share," posts from the "Hey, I liked this, but I'd like to know how it could be better" posts. So, maybe just put "Criticism Welcome" or something similar in the subject line, so the rest of us know if we should be looking for ways that the shot could've been improved, or just enjoying your work as is.

Also, as deinemuse mentioned, posting your camera's basic EXIF data isn't mandatory, but if you do want criticism on your photo, it could help give the viewers some valuable information on how the picture might be improved.

And please don't misunderstand. I'm not saying that anyone should rag on another person's photos, or simply say "that shot sucks." I'm pretty sure that this goes without saying. Be nice, and be constructive, but be honest, if that's what the poster is looking for.

First Challenge

Hi! I'm new!
Every spring there is this field that pops up with all of these blue flowers. They are only there for 2-3 weeks at the beginning of spring. Please critique!

Please click for larger view.

Camera: Canon Powershot s3-is
F-stop 3.5, shutter speed 1/2 sec. No Flash, used polarizing filter and tripod

First sign of spring - challenge 1

Like many others, spring for me means flowers.
Lots of flowers.

Spring for me also means Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival, as I have been taking photos there every year around this time since I got my first digital camera.

This photo was taken at Epcot recently.

Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: Tamron 28-75mm 2.8
Focal length: 75mm
Aperture: f/4
Shutter Speed: 1/2000s

Photo game...

 Okay, tried to post this yesterday, but stupid filters on work servers!  

On Sunday I ventured around Anna and Sue's condo (while they were playing video games) and took pictures of random items.  I am posting them here as just a fun little contest, to see who can name what each item is.  Take your guesses...and I'll post the answers on Friday.