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Monthly photo challenge

Photography workshop...post your pics and review o
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All Members , Moderated
Monthly topical photography challenges.
Once a month a theme will be announced along with deadline date. Post images up during that month for critique and comparison to other photographers. All constructive critism and no negativity!

Remember that we're all here to learn, so constructive criticism is a big part of the community. Posters should be prepared to have their work critiqued, and are encouraged to critique the work of others. It is assumed that everyone here is looking to develop their skills, so be honest and be constructive, but don't be nasty.

Whenever possible, please post EXIF data with your posts. It may help others learn what you were trying to achieve with your shots and help others learn from you. It also helps in critiquing for other members to know how you achieved the shot. This data would include: Lens used, focal length, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.
Note: This is NOT mandatory for posts, but it is encouraged.
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